BABY store, Paris.
Just because I am almost 2m tall with these shoes on, haha.
The dress is self-made + wearing a Moitie choker around my waist.

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When I make that kind of post and wonder if I’m disturbing the people I tagged. I’m sorry about that.

So I was tagged (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Rule one: always post the rules,

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Lets do this 

1. What is the strangest dream you’ve ever had?

Well I think my recent dreams are pretty weird. My past two dream had me crying really badly in both dreams and when I wake, up, I can’t remember the dream and my heart would be beating really hard. What could make me cry that hard…

2. What (if any) fandoms annoy you the most and why? (please don’t tag any hate friends even though you are all lovely people~~)

Actually, one of the more annoying ones would be the Frozen fandom. I watched the movie and I didn’t find anything spectacular about it. I just don’t get how people could be so crazy about it.

3. What is your OTP, NOTP, OT3 and BROTP (s)?

Damn I have a lot of otps. Let’s go with ferriswheelshipping. I find it pretty cute right now~

Notp would be levi x hanji and levi x mikasa. Like I feel absolutely nothing between them. Its a big no for me.

OT3 sea salt trio 5ever. Q^Q

don’t really think I have a brotp… Most just become yaoi OTP… Maybe Eren and Armin? (snk keeps coming to mind for anything otp related cause they have so much)

4. What was the last movie you saw and was it good bad? and why.

hmmm what was it… I think it was x-men: days of future past. I thought it was okay. A little bit too focused on wolverine but it was nice seeing characters like mystique and young xavier again as well as new characters like blink.

5. What is your favorite item of clothing and why?

My go-to piece of clothing when I don’t know what to wear is my black skinny jeans. But I really love my lolita dresses. I feel so happy and pretty in them.

6. Coffee or tea? or neither? or both?

I do drink both but I’m more of a tea person.

7. Let know all about your favorite thing~


One of my most favourite characters of all time is axel. And roxas too. I have never had soo much feel for any character until I found those two and my heart always break when I think about them.

Favourite hobby is taking photos. Of cosplay especially~ hence i have miho-orion as one of my side blogs. My other photography blog, mopietography isn’t as successful…

8. Cat person or dog person?

I really love both but due to religion (and a small fear), I’d have to choose cats over dogs.

9. What colour hair do you wish you had? Or are you fine with what you’ve got?

I want to get blue hair and I’m gonna be dyeing my hair that colour soon! I hope it turns out well! Otherwise, I’m pretty happy with my dark golden brown natural hair. it’s just fun to switch to other natural-looking or unnatural colours.

10. Which author would you love to meet in person and why?

I haven’t been reading much lately. Other than J.K Rowling, it would be either James Patterson, Stephen King or Cecelia Ahern. I really love their books. All of them write different themes but they keep me hooked till the end of the book.

11. If you could live in any era anywhere in the world where would it be? Why?

Renaissance era in 15th to 16th century Italy cause Assassin’s creed 2~ I know its not a easy time period but I find so much beauty in the landscape and lifestyle. 

Thank you workdayrain for tagging me ♥ It’s really fun to do this~

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2. If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

3. Dream occupation?

4. Any unusual hobby/habit?

5. Are you watching any anime/series right now? How do you find it?

6. One object you really treasure/is very special to you.

7. Got/want any piercings/tattoos? Describe them!

8. A fact about your personality.

9. What I love most about myself!♥

10. Weirdest thing someone has told you?

11. Which country/countries would you like to visit ad why?

Thank you to workdayrain for tagging me ♥ and have fun~~ ♥


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