Baby the Stars Shine Bright’s Time Travel Station Fashion Show photos from the live stream Pt. 2


Elizabeth at the fashion show, so cute! <3

picture by daniel ahlberg


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So fucking angry. Every time I’m home, shit happens. So enlighten me again, why I should spend more time home? I have to sit through beatings I don’t deserve, I have to face emotional blackmail and I have to listen to your demands against my own will. I’m gonna get out of this damned house, find a quiet place and smoke as much as I can till I get so lightheaded that I can’t stand. Who really fucking cares.

I’m sorry Sy. You will hate me for this, I know it. But you’re really sick. I want you to rest and not worry about me. I’ll be fine. Like I always am. I promise.


I got a…pet? by Kaylam522


I went back to my hometown for Canadian Thanksgiving and my mother decided we should walk around and take pictures. She took so many, but I had to select only 6.